'Peoples of the papers, on your knees please. Yes, on your knees, all of you, so that I can talk to you with passing distance. Well well well, that was bollocks of the bock again what you were writing down with your gifty pencils. Did you see how my boys were fighting against Swansea? Did you see how they were running the balls out of their brooks? Well my friends, they did that for me, for my wife, for my children, for my grandchildren, for my neighbours, for my uncles and for my sweet Tante Ansje who died in 1964 when you all were in the pampers yet. They did that for me, for that they know that I am redder than the reddest turkey that not reached Christmas what I did well, ha ha ha!' 'Am I than the lonely one who sees it good? Am I than the lonely who has the brains of it? Am I than the lonely one who knows how it therefor stands? You not know the difficulties between apples and pears. I can feel that with my clogs on. And when I not feel that with my clogs on then I go with my water to the doctor. Men men men, we are the best of Nottingham. What say I? We are the best of Sheffield, we are the best of Leeds, we are the best of Strawberry Fields Forever. I am redder than red, there is no one upstairs me. So, and now you look at it but and you can all receive the rambam, bunch of half soles that you are out of there. I have it total had with you all.'

Copyright Peter Bonder.

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