Nu het tijdperk van Jürgen Klopp bij FC Liverpool na de roemloze uitschakeling door Real Madrid ten einde lijkt te lopen, zijn alle schijnwerpers weer gericht op Louis van Gaal als zijn mogelijke opvolger. In deze aflevering blikken we alvast vooruit op zijn eventuele komst naar de club aan de Mersey. We verplaatsen ons daarvoor naar de studio van de lokale tv-zender.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, a special welcome to Louis van Gaal.
Also good night, it must be a great honour for you to have me in your show.

Is it true what they say that FC Liverpool is interested in your arrival?
I have heard that they can not wait it off.

Well, what should they do to persuade you to come over to their club?
They have only but to call and I come there on.

If you do so, you will be reunited with your Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk.
Oh, I love Virgil, I want to kiss him everywhere, yes, also in Liverpool.

And what does your wife say about it?
If it is from my little Truus allowed, then I am from the party.

Can they shortly say in Liverpool: from Holland with love?
Witlof is a vegetable in Holland, yummie yummie with ham and cheese. Even in the oven and ready is case.

Do you have a farewell word for your German colleague Jürgen Klopp?
Jawohl: alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei.

Can you translate that for us?
Yes: everything has one end but the worst has two. Or, as my little Truus always says: you’ll never walk alone with a snook in your brook.

Will Liverpool really be your last club?
You know but never, but I am Dick Lawyer not.

Do you know more cities in England than only Liverpool?
Oh yes, we will the best of London, of Sheffield, of Birmingham, of Leicester, and of Glasgow.

Glasgow? I am sorry, but that is the capital of Scotland.
Am I now so slim or are you now so dum? Or is your name sometimes Vallentijn?

Last question: how would it feel for you to work in the city of the Beatles?
We can work it out with a little help from my friends but I am off course not from yesterday.

Copyright Peter Bonder.

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